Lt. Col. Cesar Augusto Lima Campos de Moura

The Brazilian Army, a traditional institution attentive to the evolution of society and to the improvement of communication, entered the field of social media on October 27, 2010. Following the vocation of global communication, the adherence to new points of contact with society through social media platforms aims to expand the dissemination of the institution’s activities and the transmission of information to various audiences, bringing the Army closer to a group of users who begin to influence public opinion in a universe composed of all social and age groups.

The management of profiles on social media platforms is carried out by CCOMSEx, more specifically by the Social Media Section of the Production and Dissemination Division, which is integrated by a multidisciplinary team of military personnel qualified in social communication, public relations, marketing, and advertising, who know specific digital strategies for social media.

The administration and management of the profiles on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn platforms is based on the criteria established by the Army General Staff (EME) Order No. 453 of July 19, 2021. The section has the mission of performing the curation of material produced by SISCOMSEx agencies; adapting institutional campaigns to the language of each platform; generating interaction and following up on the actions of users who relate to the Institution; monitoring and analyzing the data generated by the platforms; and generating feedback on the campaigns and actions that impact the image of the Brazilian Army.

After ten years of operation on the Facebook platform, the Brazilian Army has a fanpage with almost four million followers. Currently, the Institution occupies the 1st position in the ranking of the category “Government in Brazil” published by the site Socialbakers, a world specialist in social network metrics. On this platform, the CCOMSEx works on the image of the Air Force by means of news reports that inform about the routine of the military organizations and advertising campaigns linked to various sectors. The main theme of the platform is the advertising campaigns for entry into the military through competitive examinations, selection of temporary personnel, or military enlistment.

On the microblog Twitter, a social network based on texts of up to 280 characters, the Brazilian Army’s profile is based on the publication of articles on the Institution’s website. The evolution of SISCOMSEx implemented a new management of the platform by CCOMSEx. Currently, the Army’s profile follows an editorial line of publishing approximately 10 daily articles with diverse subjects about its military organizations, besides the presentation of advertising campaigns and publications that attract the public to other platforms managed by CCOMSEx, such as the Braço Forte Podcast on the incorporators and on the website; YouTube videos; articles published on LinkedIn; and agenda notices on the EB website. Still on Twitter, the Brazilian Army works on a second editorial line aimed at the young public. Since May 2015, publications with a more jovial and irreverent language seek to get closer to the 18 to 25-year-old audience, the largest universe of followers of the @exércitooficial profile.

In 2009, the Brazilian Army’s channel on YouTube went online. Operating a profile within the most popular video distribution platform in the world and the second largest search platform on the internet, the Brazilian Army has experienced considerable growth: the 100 thousand subscribers in 2016 grew to 946 thousand in September 2021. The editorial line employed in the platform follows a current audiovisual language, excelling in movement and in the construction of videos with a high level of sound and image quality. CCOMSEx editors seek to work with storytelling techniques and minimalist visual resources, having as their main client the consumers of videos on cell phones and tablets. A language that establishes a direct and more intimate connection with the user is considered the main factor for the channel’s successful growth.

The year 2020, marked by the covid-19 pandemic, was different in many ways: the Army’s YouTube channel continued to connect fans from all over Brazil and the world. In the year of lives, we expanded the live broadcasts, especially the campaigns for joining the Force, which gave the channel more relevance. The YouTube channel is one of the great responsible for bringing the institution’s social capital to the digital environment. In 2021, after a series of improvements in the channel’s language, editorial line, and programming grid, the Army’s channel was renamed Verde-Oliva TV. On March 6, 2007, and as a result of all the work done by the SISCOMSEx team, a milestone was reached: we reached 1 million followers.

In 2017, the Army began operating the @exército_oficial profile on Instagram. This digital dissemination tool is operated with the objective of presenting to the Land Force’s audiences of interest its activities with the “Braço Forte” theme. Based on high quality images, the editorial line employed on this platform aims to seek engagement through interaction with the follower, using the call-to-action tools provided by Instagram, such as quiz questions, photos and videos with links and hashtags, the busy and famous Reels, etc. As the second largest social network in the world, Instagram constantly implements new interaction features in the profile and audience scope. The techniques employed in the management and analysis of metrics reflect in the sharp growth of the profile on the platform. Among the five social media channels operated by CCOMSEx, Instagram is the fastest growing platform, currently having more than 1.7 million followers.

LinkedIn is the newest outreach tool operated by the Brazilian Army in the field of social media. In March 2019, CCOMSEx began managing the Institution’s profile on the world’s largest corporate social network. The editorial line seeks to use the platform to bring the Force closer to the professional, business and scientific community. Articles and academic papers from the most diverse strands of education, technology and operational areas are featured in publications made on this platform as a way to attract specialized traffic to the Brazilian Army’s blog (EBLog) and the Army’s website.

Through metric management, it is possible to identify that the audience is very professionally qualified, and that CEOs of large companies, public managers, technology and defense professionals, strategic communication, and other areas of interest to the Army are present in the interactions.

In May 2021, CCOMSEx launched one more communication channel with its publics. The Brazilian Army, through the Telegram tool, created a hub for its main publications, offering news, videos, articles, podcasts, and information, directed to both external and internal audiences.

With almost eight million followers, not unique, making up, according to the digital metrics company Bites, 16% of the followers of federal public agencies, the Brazilian Army’s profiles on social media have turned the institution into a catalyst of conversations with the public about the most diverse subjects that involve the Land Force. Therefore, the greater proximity to the public provided by the social media, especially to the external public, has provided the Army with more opportunities to transmit to the internet users its actions, its values and its traditions, preserving and strengthening the image of the “Brazilian Army” brand before the public, greatly enhancing the Social Communication activities.

About the author:

Lt. Col. Cesar Augusto Lima Campos de Moura – Lieutenant-colonel of the Brazilian Army Infantry, holds the Basic and Advanced Mountain Courses. He was an instructor at the Mountain Instruction Center (2002) and at the Basic Course of the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (AMAN – 2003 to 2005).

*** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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