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News DEFCONPress privacy policy

All of your personal information collected will be used to help make your visit to our site as productive and enjoyable as possible. Ensuring the confidentiality of the personal data of our website users is important to DEFCONPress. All personal information relating to members, subscribers, customers or visitors using DEFCONPress will be handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD), Lei n° 13.709/2018

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We use cookies to store information such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This may include a simple popup, or a link to various services we provide, such as forums.

In addition, we also use third-party advertising on our website to support maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies and/or web beacons when they advertise on our website, which will make these advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) also receive your personal information, such as your IP address, your ISP, your browser, etc.

This function is generally used for geotargeting (showing advertising from Brazil only to readers from Brazil, eg. ). You have the power to disable your cookies, in your browser options (browser), or by making changes to the Anti-Virus program tools.

However, this may change the way you interact with our website, or other websites. Links to Third Party Sites Clippinpress has links to other sites, which, in our view, may contain useful information / tools for our visitors.

Our privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites, so if you visit another website from ours, you should read its privacy policy. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or content on these same sites.

About News DEFCONPress

DEFCONPress performs a continuous process of monitoring, analysis and archiving of articles published in the media (news and specialized portals) on subjects related to: the Armed Forces, Defense, Security and Geopolitics that influence defense issues in Brazil and other nations.

Our “Clippers” are responsible for classifying online articles and summarizing them in a short paragraph, with a link to the original article.

We always seek relevant and really researched articles, with reliable sources.

We disclose our sources. We only use anonymity if there are concrete reasons that justify it. The credibility of the sources and the information provided must be verifiable in every situation. According to data protection rules, a conversation can only be recorded if the speaker gives his or her prior consent.


DEFCONPress is maintained by Brasil Saint Germain, owner of the portals: DEFCONPress , Clippinpress and Tambores de Guerra.

It is a company focused on the commitment to the veracity of the assessment of facts above any other interests, has been consolidating its performance as a company that competes in the market with agility and efficiency, maintaining ethics in all its negotiations. Founded in January 2005, its headquarters is located in Porto Alegre – RS, Brazil, selling products under the brands: “PzD 501” and “van King”.

  • WFides, responsible for updating and developing the website.

Main executives:

::: Ricardo F. A. Vianna
::: Lucinélha Feijó

:: Claudia A. Vianna – Journalist


::: Wagner Panassol- Analyst
::: Dr. Nelson Woehlert Jr. – Legal

Contact: If you would like to start a conversation about a topic covered in an article or would like to report factual errors, please send us an e-mail to

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