In the period from May 31 to June 3, the 50th Jungle Infantry Battalion conducted Operation Guaramandi, through the 2nd Jungle Fusiliers Company, an operational subunit of the battalion. The activity consisted of the use of Reconnaissance Patrols, at the Combat Group level, and Combat Patrols, at the platoon level.

The end of the Operation was marked by the execution of an Anvil Hammer action, when the “Warrior” subunit progressed along two infiltration tracks through the jungle, previously marked by the reconnaissance and security echelon.

Jungle Infantry Brigade holds Specific Preparatory Training Graduation

On June 6th , the 2nd Jungle Infantry Brigade (2nd Bda Inf Sl) held a graduation ceremony to conclude the specific training of the “Ararigbóia Readiness Force”, also referring to the “Jungle Warrior Day”.

The ceremony took place at the 2nd Bda Inf Sl and counted with the participation of the Directly Subordinate Military Organizations (OMDS), the military that integrate the Ararigbóia Readiness Force and the Jungle Warriors from the São Gabriel da Cachoeira Garrison.

The Commander of the 2nd Jungle Infantry Brigade, the OMDS commanders, and the Jungle Warriors brevetted the members of the Readiness Force, who concluded the specific training courses that took place from May 23rd to June 3rd. Brigadier General Ricardo Augusto do Amaral Peixoto praised the spirit of mission accomplishment of the Arariguaboia Brigade, alluded to the Jungle Warrior Day, and congratulated the concluding members of the Arariguaboia Readiness Force.

Corporal Josenir Alemão, from the 2nd Jungle Communications Platoon, did the Assigned Rifleman (Sniper) Training Course and reported having acquired a lot of knowledge during the activity, especially about long-distance shooting techniques. Besides, he emphasized that he feels more prepared to perform operational missions from now on.

Jungle Warrior #6862, Third Sergeant Leonardo Rosa, from the 3rd Jungle Infantry Battalion, who completed the Jungle Operations Course in the second round of 2021, led the Jungle Warrior Prayer for the first time in a graduation ceremony and reported a feeling of great emotion when he recalled all the challenges he had overcome to achieve the honor of being a Jungle Warrior.

The ceremony shows the efforts of the 2nd Jungle Infantry Brigade Command to honor the military and value their achievements. This is a guideline that aims to cultivate a feeling of integration and belonging to a distinguished group, with a focus on positive projections for the performance, commitment, and productivity of the military in benefit of the actions of the “Ararigbóia Brigade”.

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