Parachute course students participate in Ágata OperationParachute course students participate in Ágata Operation

Campo Grande (MS) – On July 22 and 23, students from the Folding, Parachute Maintenance and Airborne Supply (DOMPSA) Course, from the General Penha Brasil Parachute Training Center, together with military personnel from the DOMPSA Battalion, launched seven medium payloads, each weighing approximately 400 kg, containing water supply and operational rations. The materials were launched in the Metelo launch zone, in the region of Terenos, Mato Grosso do Sul, in support of Ágata Operation.

The parachutes used were G13 parachute assemblies, which were also folded and connected to the loads by the students of the Folding, Parachute Maintenance and Air Supply Course.

About Ágata Operation

Created in 2011 and coordinated by the Ministry of Defense, Operation Agate aims to intensify preventive and repressive actions against crimes such as smuggling, embezzlement, drug trafficking, exploitation and illegal mining in the border strip. The action consists of carrying out interagency operations, with personnel from the Navy, Army, and Air Force, in partnership with public security and inspection agencies (federal, state, and municipal).

The Ágata Operation is part of the Federal Government’s Plan for Integrated Border Protection, created to prevent and repress the actions of criminals on Brazil’s borders with ten South American countries and along the entire maritime coast.

Source: Centro de Instrução Pára-Quedista General Penha Brasil

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