Brazilian military begin training in Humanitarian Demining in ColombiaBrazilian military begin training in Humanitarian Demining in Colombia

Bogota (Colombia) – On July 18, the Brazilian military officers that make up the Inter-American Technical Advisors Group in Colombia (GATI-CO), Brazilian Army Lieutenant-Colonel of Engineering Cláudio Santos Bispo and Brazilian Navy Lieutenant-Captain (FN) Gustavo Lopes da Silva Freitas, began training Colombian military personnel who will be employed as National Monitors in Humanitarian Demining.

The Brazilian Engineering officers started the activities scheduled for the second course in 2022. Nine military personnel were selected, seven from the Colombian National Army and two from the Colombian Navy, with experience and basic training in demining operations that qualify them to take the course taught by the GATI-CO. The present class has a relevant highlight, which is the presence, after five years, of a female officer of the Colombian Army, which highlights the participation of women in this function of great importance for demining operations.

The events planned for the course will take place in the areas belonging to the School of Military Engineers of the Colombian Army and will include theoretical and practical instructions, exercises and simulated events, participation in seminars on demining in the country, and instruction visits. The Inter-American Advisors from Brazil will count on the support of national and international organizations, such as the representation of the Directorate for Comprehensive Action Against Antipersonnel Mines (DAICMA) and Military Institutions, such as the Brigade of Humanitarian Demining No. 1 (BRDEH-1), which will contribute to expand the technical knowledge of the new National Monitors.

The work of the Brazilian Engineering officers, in support of the General Command of the Colombian Military Forces, has contributed to expanding the operational capacity of the military in Humanitarian Demining Operations. The graduating students will be able to be employed in the quality management of these operations, which will guarantee that areas of the country still mined will be free of any suspicion of mines or improvised explosive artifacts.

Source: Aditância do Brasil na Colombia *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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