Parachute Battalion participates in Operation Amazon 2022Parachute Battalion participates in Operation Amazon 2022

From May 30 to June 25, the Afonsos Task Force (FT Afonsos), based at the 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion (25º BI Pqdt) participated in Operation Amazon 2022. The Operation, for this Airborne Unit, was developed in 3 phases.

In the first phase, more than 100 military personnel completed, from June 2nd to 5th, the Jungle Adaptation Internship (EAS). The purpose of the internship was to provide the military with the basic knowledge to act in the Amazonian operational environment and to develop adequate habits for jungle survival.

The Afonsos FT took part in instructions on boat techniques, jungle walking, transposition of a water course in the Negro River, shelter construction, obtaining water and fire, plant and animal food, and survival, among others.

In the second phase, approximately 100 military personnel jumped into a body of water in the Japurá region. The water jump is an indispensable operational capability for the Parachute Infantry Brigade, when activated, to carry out its mission anywhere in the Brazilian Amazon, being launched in any aquatic area (rivers and lakes), in the absence of a terrestrial area, in the farthest corners of the national territory.

The 3rd phase was characterized by the employment of FT Afonsos in the border area of the 16th Jungle Infantry Brigade, for river (947 km patrolled) and land (68 km patrolled) patrol missions, as well as the establishment of River Blockade and Interdiction Posts (PCI Flu, with 54 vessels boarded and 250 citizens registered).

Thus, the desired end state was reached, guaranteeing national sovereignty, expanding the presence and dissuasion of the Land Force in the border strip, contributing to the reduction of trans-border crimes in the region.

Source: 25th BI Pqdt – Photos: Sd João Marcos

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