Border Company receives the Mobile Surveillance Monitoring and Reconnaissance Subsystem

On June 20th, the 2nd Border Company (2nd Cia Fron) received the Mobile Surveillance Monitoring and Reconnaissance Subsystem (SVMR), from the Border Monitoring System (SISFRON). The SVMR is a short-range radar capable of performing surveillance, acquisition, classification, location, tracking, and automatic graphic display operations of ground or air targets, such as: individuals on the ground, troops, armored vehicles, trucks, trains, and helicopters.

Using synthetic aperture technology, the SENTIR-M20 operates under all weather conditions and has the power to detect a moving man at a distance of up to 10 km. For light and heavy vehicles, the range is 20 to 30 km, respectively.

The System is also equipped with a long-range camera that allows automatic and manual visual recognition and tracking of the target detected by the SENTIR-M20 Radar.

Source: 2nd Border Company

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