Logistics Command takes part in planning the Panamax international exerciseLogistics Command takes part in planning the Panamax international exercise

Logistics Command of the Brazilian Army participates in the planning of the Panamax international exercise

The planning phase brought together representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Peru, and the Dominican Republic in a Large Joint Multinational Command, directed by the Commander of Army South (based in San Antonio). The problem-solving method used was the Joint Operation Planning Process, which has the following phases: initiation, mission analysis, development of courses of action, analysis and comparison of courses of action, approval, and issuance of plans or order development.

This process was conducted on an expedited basis, in one week, to provide the singular component forces with the Joint Strategic Plans and Commander’s Intent, in order to resolve a fictitious security crisis. The component ground force, equivalent to an army division, is commanded by a Brazilian general and has Brazilians in all staff assignments, as well as others in the joint special operations force and exercise management.

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