On June 14 and 15, the 4th Mountain Light Campaign Artillery Group held a Leadership Development Exercise for the Unit’s officers and sergeants.

The exercise was held in the Juiz de Fora Training Field and its objective was to observe and evaluate the Mountain Group’s military personnel with regard to the leadership attribute, during activities that lead the combatant to intense physical and mental stress, as well as to improve the technical and tactical qualification of the professional personnel.

The activity began with a 16km march.

During the exercise, the patrols received a card for orientation to the locations of each activity. The workshops were: Unleashing artillery fire on an enemy position, Raising a battery position, and Neutralizing an enemy anti-tank weapon. At the end of the exercise, the soldiers performed a rappel, demonstrating professional enthusiasm, persistence, and courage, attributes inherent to the Mountain Fighter.

Fonte: 4º Grupo de Artilharia de Campanha Leve de Montanha *** English version by DEFCONPress Team ***

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