On June 15, the Army Defense Attaché and Head of Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay (CMBP), Colonel Nilberti Viana Gramosa, and advisors from the CMBP made an institutional visit to the Paraguayan Military Academy Mariscal Francisco Solano López (ACADEMIL).

On the occasion, the Commandant of ACADEMIL, Brigadier General Alcides Lovera Ortiz, welcomed the delegation and gave a presentation on the work developed at the Academy.

ACADEMIL is a higher education establishment that is part of the Army’s Military Education Institutes Command (CIMEE), whose mission is to train officers for the Paraguayan Army, the Paraguayan Air Force, and the Paraguayan Navy.

The visit allowed the exchange of experiences in the conduct of academic activities and reinforced the mutual trust, cooperation, integration, and friendship that unite the members of the CMBP and the Paraguayan Military Forces.

At the end of the activity, Colonel Gramosa thanked the reception and highlighted the important participation of the members of the Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay at the Paraguay Military Academy.

Fonte: Cooperação Militar Brasileira no Paraguai

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