Crédito: Sd Henrique e Sd BarcelosCrédito: Sd Henrique e Sd Barcelos

On June 14, the 3rd Logistics Group coordinated the interiorization of 131 Venezuelan immigrants, who arrived at the Salgado Filho Airport in Porto Alegre.

The activity is part of Operation Acolhida (Welcome), developed by the Brazilian Army with the objective of organizing the arrival of Venezuelans in Brazil and providing humanitarian assistance. The internalization process represents a new beginning for Venezuelan families on Brazilian soil, collaborating with their social and economic insertion, including support in the search for employment and housing.

The 3rd Supply Battalion, from Nova Santa Rita (RS), supported the action by carrying out sanitary measures to combat covid-19, and providing food to the Venezuelan families, who were taken to homes of receivers in 12 cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Crédito: Sd Henrique e Sd Barcelos

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