Live simulation concludes Readiness Force certification in RoraimaLive simulation concludes Readiness Force certification in Roraima

The 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade was selected to be part of the Operational Readiness System and concluded, in late June, the live simulation exercise, the final stage in the certification of its Readiness Force, the FORPRON Lobo D’Almada.

On the 26th, the brigade conducted the operational readiness of its Readiness Force to check the conditions of the troops and their material, weapons and equipment. The commander of the 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Marcelo Lorenzini Zucco, verified the readiness of the unit, initiating the Live Simulation Exercise.

On June 27, a combat march was held. At the arrival point, the attack on a delaying position occupied by the opposing force was executed. The exercises allowed the authorities to evaluate the conduct of all combat roles in the process of certification.


The Operational Readiness System (SISPRON) was created with the objective of keeping troops in a permanent state of operational readiness, which, once certified, will be able to be deployed to act in a defined area, within a determined period of time, primarily in actions aimed at homeland defense.

In the 2022 readiness cycle, the Lobo D’Almada Readiness Force is based on the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion – 1st BIS (Aeromobile), with participation of troops from all its military organizations and from the Amazon Military Command.

The ceremony was presided over by the commander of the 1st Bda Inf Sl, Brigadier General Marcelo Lorenzini Zucco, and was attended by several civil authorities, who were able to learn more about the Brazilian Army’s rapid response capabilities.

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