Military personnel from the 5th Army Division practice tactical and operational proceduresMilitary personnel from the 5th Army Division practice tactical and operational procedures

In order to maintain the troops’ permanent readiness and promote the dissemination of knowledge about the units’ capabilities, the 5th Army Division (5th DE) Command promoted a series of day and night workshops on military employment activities.

The “Green Day” included all military personnel who serve in the 5th DE and was planned so that they could practice eminently military activities with a focus on tactical and operational aspects.

“The military came to the field to practice tactical aspects of military training along with the weaponry that equips our troops. They did practical activities with weapons and were able to see the armored vehicles that operate in the 5th Division so that they can get to know these vehicles in depth,” said the Commander of the 5th Army Division, Division General Fábio Benvenutti Castro.

In teams, they practiced an orienteering race with the objective of reaching 25 points scattered around the Pinheirinho Fort. The race was held in the morning and stimulated teamwork, chart reading and compass handling.

In the afternoon, the members of the 5th DE were divided into seven groups, which took part in workshops on various ready-to-use activities such as the use of less-lethal ammunition, weapon procedures, first aid, and the use of Falcon/Harris family radio equipment. This equipment is used on the border strip, in cities such as Guaíra (PR), Cascavel (PR), and São Miguel do Oeste (SC).

The war capabilities of the vehicles employed in all brigades of the 5th DE, in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, were also presented. Among them: Leopard, Gepard, Bergpanzer, M109 A5+ BR, M113 BR and Urutu.

During the night, two other workshops were held with the demonstration of the Guarani vehicle’s capacity at night and its shooting precision with the use of the REMAX turret. The military also handled the new night vision goggles distributed to the military organizations of the Land Force Readiness Force (ForPron), which is the case of the 20th Infantry Battalion, Curitiba.

The “Green Day” was held on June 26 at the Pinheirinho Fort facilities.

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