IMBEL delivers 100% national artillery ammunition to the ArmyIMBEL delivers 100% national artillery ammunition to the Army

Juiz de Fora (MG) – On July 29, the Juiz de Fora Plant of the Brazilian Army Material Industry (IMBEL) anticipated the delivery of 15 tons of components for the 155mm Ammunition to the Brazilian Army. The components were transported from Juiz de Fora to the city of Palmeira (PR), where they were delivered to the 5th Supply Battalion for distribution among the artillery units based in the Southern Military Command.

The activity marked the nationalization of the production process of the 155mm M 107 Shotgun, since the entire production process of the ammunition’s components is carried out in Brazil, in order to foster the Defense Industrial Base and reduce external dependence.

For the first time, the Brazilian Army will use the ammunition with 100% national components, namely the Grenade Body, the MK2A4 and M82 Fuzes, and the M3A1 Projectile Charge.

With the support of the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras and the Army Evaluation Center, IMBEL conducted ballistic tests that ratified the quality of these components, guaranteeing them the safety and performance required by the Company’s technical standards.

Source: IMBEL

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