20th RCB performs joint action with the Brazilian Air Force20th RCB performs joint action with the Brazilian Air Force

Campo Grande (MS) – On July 20, 2022, a Platoon of Armored Fusiliers (Pel Fuz Bld) of the 20th Armored Cavalry Regiment “Regimento Cidade de Campo Grande” performed a joint action of air displacement with the Brazilian Air Force. The military was moved from the city of Campo Grande/MS to the western border of the state.

The exercise is part of Joint Operation Ágata Oeste¹ 2022, whose objective is to curb and repress cross-border and environmental illegalities in the border strip. The Platoon moved in the C-130 Hercules aircraft towards the objective.

*** English version by DEFCONPress Team *** Pictures: Exercito Brasileiro

¹Ágata Oeste – Ágata West

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