Embarkation Center returns from Operation AmazonEmbarkation Center returns from Operation Amazon

From May 25 to July 1, the Embarkation Center of the Amazon Military Command (CECMA) participated in Operation Amazônia, conducted by the Center for Coordination and Operations of the Amazon Military Command (CCOp/CMA).

The CECMA sailed on the Negro, Solimões, and Japurá rivers, supporting the operation with two logistical modules, composed of the push boats Manaós and Querari and the rafts BAL 0801 and 0803; three ferry boats ARU, UIRÁ, and UAJARÁ; three Guardian tactical speedboats; and 18 generators. A total of 90 military personnel served in the crews.

The CECMA was employed in the operation to transport about 196 tons of materials, adding up to 3528 hours of navigation, covering a distance of 9422 km of river navigation. In addition, the Center deployed two logistics detachments on the Japurá and Negro Rivers, supporting the combat troops by means of ferry boats equipped with Class I, III, V, VIII and IX materials.

The CECMA Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Anderson Siqueira da Silva, and the Assistant Commander, Lieutenant Lieutenant Lúcio Mauro La Roque Dias, accompanied the departure and return of the troops, congratulating everyone on another mission successfully accomplished.

Source: CECMA

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