Jungle Artillery shoots down enemy aircraft in simulation exerciseJungle Artillery shoots down enemy aircraft in simulation exercise

On June 28 and 29, the 12th Jungle Antiaircraft Artillery Group, from the 1st Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade, shot down two unmanned aircraft during Operation Tacutu, the field phase of the 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade’s Force Readiness Certification Exercise.

During the exercise, the 12th Jungle Antiaircraft Artillery Group deployed a Missile Battery composed of Igla-S Portable Missile and RBS-70 Telecommanded Missile sections, performing all phases of certification: constructive, virtual and live. All systems (weapons, control and warning, communications, and logistics) were deployed in a tactical external defense framework.

In one of the planned actions, an anti-aircraft artillery section performed the anti-aircraft defense of the 1st Battery of the 10th Jungle Campaign Artillery Group, which was providing close fire support to the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion (Airmobile). In this context, using an unmanned model aircraft to simulate a hostile incursion, an anti-aircraft missile was fired, successfully shooting down the simulated airborne enemy.

The training was accompanied on the ground by Division General Edson Skora Rosty, Chief of Land Force Preparation/COTER. Also present were Brigadier General Marcelo Lorenzini Zucco, Commander of the 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade, representatives from the Amazon Military Command and from the East Training Center, and commanders of Military Organizations from the Boa Vista Garrison.

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