Brazilian Army trains 24 more snipers in GoiásBrazilian Army trains 24 more snipers in Goiás

The Western Military Command trained 24 new military hunters¹, at the 58th Motorized Infantry Battalion, between June 20th and July 1st. Known as snipers, the hunters are considered an efficient multiplier of combat power, and their main missions are to neutralize targets and destroy material means, using techniques, tactics, and procedures acquired in the Military Hunter Training Program.

The Hunter Internship qualifies military personnel to be part of the sniper teams of Brazilian Army units, enabling them to be used in various types of military operations.

These sniper teams are extremely valuable to military forces, given their high precision, their firepower, and their ability to strike targets at long distances. Terrain camouflage, which makes the sniper practically invisible, is another important skill of these snipers.

The Hunter Training Course was attended by officers and enlisted men from the Brazilian Army, the Federal Highway Police, the Federal Criminal Police, the Civil Judiciary Police, and the Federal Police.

¹The sniper is called a hunter in the Brazilian Army. There are two hunter training courses in the Brazilian Army that are given in some battalions in the country.

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