Brazilian Army pays tribute to a Brazilian Expeditionary Force heroBrazilian Army pays tribute to a Brazilian Expeditionary Force hero

On the occasion of his 103rd birthday, retired soldier and former World War II combatant Mario Ferroni received a tribute from the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade on June 28. The brigade’s headquarters held a ceremony with representations from all subordinate military organizations based in Cascavel to honor the veteran.

The honored veteran, who will be one year older on July 2nd, participated in the important battle of Monte Castelo, and is currently the only representative of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force living in the city of Cascavel.

During the homage, a summary of Soldier Ferroni’s trajectory was read, from his call to join the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) until his victorious return to Brazil.

The commander of the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Marcos Américo Vieira Pessôa, gave to the honored soldier the Tribute to FEB Medal, given by the Army Commander. Created by Ordinance nº 163, of February 13, 2020, the honor aims to preserve the memory of the services rendered by men and women in spreading the historical memory of the FEB.

Get to know the Expeditionary Song, which pays tribute to the FEB.

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