The Army Evaluation Center (CAEx) – Marambaia Proving Ground/ 1948 – concluded, on June 1st, the technical verifications with the Thermal Imaging Monocular OLHAR, whose project was developed by the Army Technological Center (CTEx) with the company Opto Space & Defense, from São Carlos (SP).

The technical requirements for the evaluation were verified. The equipment is compact, light and robust, and is designed for coupling to helmets, rifles and machine guns, for flexibility and image optimization, according to the visual conditions, through software, by means of adjustments made by the combatant.

The activity was fundamental to verify if the equipment reached the technical and safety parameters of the project established in requirements defined by the Army, in order to proceed to the Operational Evaluation phase with the employment of paratroopers, jungle and mountain troop users.

The Monocular OLHAR is an equipment that integrates the Brazilian Combatant System Project (COBRA) and that will provide the Land Force with better visibility conditions in operation.

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