On the morning of May 27, the closing ceremony of the Internship in Techniques and Tactics and Procedures with the Guardian 25 Launch took place at the Embarkation Center of the Amazon Military Command (CECMA).

Fourteen trainees from different organizations of the Amazon Military Command (CMA) completed the course. During two weeks, these military personnel received theoretical and practical instructions on the use of river navigation techniques, navigational aid and communication equipment, tactical river navigation, maintenance of the Guardian 25, and performed riverine operations.

In this context, the purpose of the training course was to enable the military personnel to occupy the positions and perform the function of pilot of the tactical speedboat Guardian 25, which is used by the Military Command of the Amazon.

The Commander of the Boat Center, Lieutenant-Colonel Anderson Siqueira da Silva, presided over the closing ceremony of the course, accompanied by his Deputy Commander, Sub-Lieutenant Lucio Mauro La Roque Dias.

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