Brazilian Army Artillery School instructors finish course in SwedenBrazilian Army Artillery School instructors finish course in Sweden


On July 1, six soldiers from the Brazilian Army concluded the Operator and Instructor Training Course for the RBS 70 NG missile, in the city of Karlskoga, in the Kingdom of Sweden. The course began on May 30 and lasted six weeks.

The purpose of the activity was to instruct and train the military in the operational use and in the safety and maintenance standards of the Firing Station garrison level and in the simulator of the newest version of the weapon. The Brazilian contingent included Captain Adler Santos Curvelo and Second Sergeant José Roberto Louzada Junior, from the Coastal and Anti-Aircraft Artillery School.

The course was an important step in training the human resources of the School, with a view to achieving excellence in the instruction and training of its faculty, and raising the level of operationality in the RBS 70 NG missile system.

End of internships at the Missile and Rocket Artillery Training Center

On July 14, the closing ceremony of the General Ballistic Meteorology Internship and the Missile and Rocket Artillery Operation and Maintenance Internship for Temporary Sergeants took place at the Missile and Rocket Artillery Training Center (CI Art Msl Fgt).

The ceremony was attended by the Army Artillery Commander, Brigadier General Moisés da Paixão Júnior, the commanders of the Fort Santa Barbara units, friends and family members of the graduates.

The internships aim to qualify sergeants to perform functions that require knowledge of the operation and data collection from the meteorological stations of the Division Artillery Commands and of the ASTROS System; and to qualify the temporary sergeants of the Artillery gun to occupy the position and perform the functions of part chief of the ASTROS System vehicles.

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