Artillery Command receives defense attachés from friendly nationsArtillery Command receives defense attachés from friendly nations

The Army Artillery Command received, on July 13, the visit of a committee of Defense Attachés from friendly nations and Auxiliary Attachés, composed of 58 military personnel from 25 countries accredited in Brazil.

The activity contributed to the dissemination of the Brazilian Army’s actions and of the scientific-technological and military aspects directly related to the ASTROS System. It also favored a closer relationship between the Brazilian Army and the military attachés and assistants of military attachés from friendly nations.

During the visit, the delegation attended a lecture about the Army Artillery Command, the conception of Fort Santa Barbara and the Army Strategic Program ASTROS. Afterwards, they watched a live-fire demonstration of a Missile and Rocket Battery and saw the vehicles of the ASTROS system. They also toured the facilities of the Missile and Rocket Logistics Center, and the simulation pavilion of the Missile and Rocket Training Center, where they had contact with the ASTROS Integrated System of Simulation (SIS-ASTROS).

The event was also attended by members of the Communications Advisory Board (ASCOM) of the Ministry of Defense and of the Joint Operations Headquarters of the Armed Forces Joint Staff.

Source: Army Artillery Command

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