Brazilian Army Aviation carries out Operation Ricardo Kirk 2Brazilian Army Aviation carries out Operation Ricardo Kirk 2

Three Forces, one objective: to operate jointly in a war situation, by helicopters, with the use of night vision goggles. This was the objective of Operation Ricardo Kirk 2, a combined Navy, Army and Air Force activity, carried out between July 4 and 15, at the Army Aviation Command, in Taubaté.

The activities took place in two phases. The first week of theoretical and practical preparation was held at Fort Ricardo Kirk. The operations phase took place in the cities of Caçapava and Cachoeira Paulista, between July 11 and 15.

The exercise also included military personnel from the 2nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group (2nd GAAAe) and the 12th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade (12th Bda Inf L Amv).

Ricardo Kirk 1

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Defense and the Land Operations Command, the first Ricardo Kirk Operation took place in August, 2021, with the participation of the three Armed Forces. On that occasion, the military shared and standardized procedures in H225M helicopters, a strategic project of the Ministry of Defense.

Combat Pilot Course carries out simulation of complex, modern armed conflict

The Combat Pilot Course (CPC) is an extension course for officers who have already completed the Aircraft Pilot Course (CPA), aimed at commanding helicopter sections, platoons and squadrons in combat, combat support and logistics missions within the scope of Army Aviation (AvEx).

During 14 weeks of intense activities, the student officers participate in several instruction modules: Tactical Navigation, Helicopter Fraction Maneuverability, Tactical Employment of Army Aviation, and Planning and Execution of Aeromobile Operations.

Besides the heavy theoretical load, the students execute the main air-mobile operations developed by the Air Force in combat, of which Assault, Attack, Security and Aeromobile Reconnaissance stand out. Law and Order Assurance missions are also planned and studied.

During the entire course two operations are executed in contexts that simulate a complex and modern armed conflict: one of them, Operation Vale do Paraíba, using several AvEx aircraft models, and the second, Operation End of Course, using simulators called Flight Training Device (FTD), when the students have the opportunity to have their decision and leadership skills tested by the most diverse scenarios and behaviors imposed by modern simulators.

The CPC provides the Air Force with motivated and highly prepared officers to command and, above all, to lead the air units that make up the Wings of the Land Force.

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