Armored Infantry Brigade goes through logistics inspectionArmored Infantry Brigade goes through logistics inspection

From July 1st to 8th, the organic military organizations of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade, 3rd Self-Propelled Field Artillery Group, 3rd Armored Communications Company, 6th Anti-Aircraft Self-Propelled Artillery Battery, and 26th Mechanized Army Police Platoon received a committee from the 4th Section of the “Niederauer Brigade”, led by Colonel Francisco Arthur Strubinsky, for the 1st Logistical Inspection of the year 2022.

The purpose of the inspection was to verify the level of maintenance and control of the various military materials under the responsibility of the Military Organizations, as well as to evaluate the level of knowledge of the Brigade’s units and sub-units about the use of these materials.

In this opportunity, the operational and administrative vehicles were inspected, and the fleet’s availability rates were checked, as well as the conditions of the human resources of those Military Organizations (OM).

For the 6th Bda Inf Bld entourage, it was evident the commitment of the OM from this Grand Command in maintaining the employment and operational conditions of their Military Employment Resources (MEM), and the high level of performance of their personnel.

Source: 6th Bld Inf Bda

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