Combat Cars carry out coordinated attack in readiness exerciseCombat Cars carry out coordinated attack in readiness exercise

The 1st Combat Car Regiment carried out Operation Vanguardeiro I, between July 4 and July 7. The operation was carried out by the Readiness Force Task Force, which executed in the field all the phases of a Coordinated Attack. The purpose of the training was to improve the platoons’ techniques, tactics, and procedures.

The activity began with the receipt of the order of operations from the Regimental Command, followed by planning, preparation of individual and collective material. Then, the staff occupied the meeting area in the Santa Maria Training Field to issue orders to the subunits and platoons. Once all the directives were established, the fractions carried out the coordinated attack.

Besides the fractions of the 1st Combat Car Regiment, a platoon from the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion also participated in the exercise.

Photos: Sd Moura e Cb Eduardo Müller – 1º Regimento de Carros de Combate

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