Brazilian army sergeants' training course concludes field exerciseBrazilian army sergeants' training course concludes field exercise

On July 8, the 2nd Long Duration Exercise (LDE) of the Mountain Décimo’s Formation and Graduation Course for Sergeants (CFGS – Curso de Formação e Graduação de Sargentos) came to an end. The LDE was carried out jointly with the CFGS of the 4th GAC L Mth, in the Juiz de Fora Field of Instruction.

Once again, the CFGS students were tested, on a daily basis, in their physical and moral resistance, and had the opportunity to practice the teachings received in the theoretical instructions, on the field, receiving instructions on Mine and Obstacle Field; Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense; Anti-tank and Anti-aircraft Defense; Daytime Orientation; Ground Chart; Communications (cryptography and opening of the radio network); Hand Grenade; Construction of Caves and Foothills; and 16-kilometer march.

Sergeants’ Formation Course conducts a Field Exercise

The 4th Light Mountain Artillery Group’s Sergeants’ Formation and Graduation Course conducted its 2nd Long Duration Exercise (LDE), at the Juiz de Fora Field of Instruction, from July 4 to 8.

The students took part in workshops on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense; anti-aircraft and anti-tank defense; mine and obstacle fields; orientation by comparison (map terrain); orientation by means of electronic equipment; orientation by expedite methods; fortification in campaign; radio communications; hand grenade launching; and 16 km march.

The exercise had the cooperation of the 1st DQBRN¹ Battalion, the 4th Combat Engineering Battalion, and the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Squadron.

¹DQBRN – Defesa Química, Bacteriologia, Radiológica e Nuclear = CBRNChemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense

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