During a simulation of neutralization of the opposing force, simultaneous movements were carried out in the sky and on the ground. On the landing strip of Pedro Gomes (MS), security activities and radio conversation with an approaching illegal aircraft. This was the final action of the Serra do Pantanal Operation, an exercise of the Advanced Training Program of the 18th Pantanal Infantry Brigade, organized by the Operations Coordination Center of the Western Military Command (CMO- Comando Militar do Oeste).

During two weeks of intense training in the regions of Coxim (MS) and Pedro Gomes, from May 29 to June 12, 2022, in the area of the 47th Infantry Battalion, military personnel went into action with several special techniques such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense operations, information support, airborne operations, progression in an urban environment, sniper and aeromobile techniques.

During the operation, a land logistics base was also deployed in the regions of Coxim and Pedro Gomes and, also, a doctrinal experimentation of the Advanced Supply and Transport Companies of the 9th Supply Battalion and the 18th Transport Battalion.

“The highlight of our exercise was the seamless integration between the various modules. We had everything from Special Forces, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry, really modules working in a very well synchronized way. This increases the capacity, increases the combat power of the Western Military Command”, emphasized the Western Military Commander, Army General Anisio David de Oliveira Junior.

For the Chief of the Operations Coordination Center of the CMO, Brigadier General Valério Luiz Lange, it was a great coordinated effort to accomplish the mission of the Western Military Command to defend and preserve the Western Border. “There were several Area Commands and several special troops gathered in a complete, dynamic, and fundamental exercise for the preparation of our troops,” he added.

This great CMO Integrating Exercise counted with the presence of troops from Corumbá, Coxim, Porto Murtinho, Bela Vista, Aquidauana, Rondonópolis, and Campo Grande, besides the Special Operations Command, based in Goiânia (GO).

“It was a great experience that we will take back to our Regiment and pass on as much as we can to the rest of the troops,” said Staff Sergeant Luan Biondo da Silva.

For Sergeant Gerônimo Moreira, it was a unique opportunity. “We had the opportunity to work with different troops and the Special Operations Command even complemented our knowledge. I leave here with more willpower, enthusiasm, and a lot of professionalism.

“I felt like I was on a real mission and I feel safer to act if necessary,” concluded Corporal Leonardo de Andrade Leite, one of the one thousand soldiers who joined the troops of Operation Serra do Pantanal.

*** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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