In the period from June 6 to 10, the military of the Reconnaissance Platoon (Pel Rec) and the 1st Airborne Light Fusiliers Company (1st Airborne Fuz L Amv Company) of the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion (2º BIL) – “Martim Afonso Battalion” completed the Basic Airborne Fighter Training Program.

In the first phase, instructions were given at the Army Aviation Command, located in Taubaté-SP, such as the characteristics and aircraft of the Brazilian Army, helicopter landing zone assembly, aircraft boarding and disembarkation, and procedures at the tower.

In the second phase, the Rec Squad and the 1st Fuz L Amv Cia carried out an aeromobile assault in the region of the city of Piquete-SP. In the operation, an infiltration was carried out using air vectors and then an assault to conquer an aeromobile bridgehead.

At the end of the internship, a brevet graduation ceremony was held and diplomas were awarded to the graduating soldiers, keeping the troops of the Martim Afonso Battalion able and ready for aeromobile operations.

Source: 2nd Light Infantry Battalion

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