VBC Cav - LAV 700AG - Assault Weapons - The Canadian-Belgian proposalVBC Cav - LAV 700AG - Assault Weapons - The Canadian-Belgian proposal

GDLS design and armament of the Belgian group John Cockerill Armoured Cavalry Combat Vehicle Media on 8×8 Wheels (VBC Cav – MSR)

Nelson During – Editor-in-Chief DefesaNet

The Brazilian Army is proceeding with the project Armored Cavalry Combat Vehicle Media on Wheels 8×8 (VBC Cav – MSR). One of the main competitors included in the Short List is the LAV 700 produced in Canada by the General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) subsidiary. It is an 8×8 armored vehicle originally designed for troop transport that has been adapted for the fire support mission and is equipped with a 105mm turret manufactured by John Cockeril of Belgium.

The turret is the same one presented by the Belgian company for the modernization of the Leopard 1 Combat Car at the recent Eurosatory international fair in Paris.

The LAV-700 car

The LAV-700 was developed meeting the specifications of Saudi Arabia. A mega contract was signed in 2014 with the anticipated 928 LAV 700. Of these 119 were to be equipped with a John Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret, 105 mm cannon, striped, 53 caliber.

The value of the contract reached U$D 10 Billion. However, in 2016, the amount of vehicles was reduced to 742. This was the second contract between GDLS-Canada and Saudi Arabia as two decades earlier, via the United States, it supplied 1,400 LAV-25s. These vehicles were equipped with weaponry ranging from 25mm to 90mm cannons.

To date the only customer for the LAV-700 model is Saudi Arabia and they are allocated to the Saudi Arabian National Guard. This large organization is tasked with ensuring the security of the Saudi Royal Family.

LAV 700 version equipped with Cockerill turret and 30mm cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Note the great height above the top of the vehicle.


The LAV-700AG features the characteristics of armored vehicles developed from a troop carrier. The possibility of generating a family of armored vehicles with the same platform is an interesting option. In the case of a Combat vehicle equipped with a 105mm cannon the disadvantages appear.

LAV 700 version equipped with Cockerill turret and 30mm cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Note the great height aft the top of the vehicle.

Among these the most salient are the center of gravity and the height of the viaura for the Cavalry combat mission where mobility, agility and a low silhouette are key.

These characteristics may not be so determinant in Saudi Arabia’s Theater of Operations (TO), especially operating in the desert, which is not the case for the Brazilian Army, with multiple TOs.

The Stryker platform, from which the LAV 700 is derived has achieved much success as a troop transport vehicle, however its combat version equipped with 105mm cannon, the M1128 Mobile Gun System was a failure in combat due to its difficult operation. The US Army decided to retire all vehicles from active service by the end of this year.

Because the LAV700 has US technology it is an ITAR product, i.e. its export must be authorized by the US Government. Canada also has a strict law on the export of defense equipment.

Writer’s note – In several publications there is confusion in the identification of Saudi vehicles, which were involved in the conflicts with the Houtis rebel forces in Yemen. In particular in the 2019 fighting, where several vehicles foam destroyed and many relate them to LAV-700s. The armored vehicles employed there were LAV-25s received earlier (see photo above).


The LAV700AG vehicles that General Dynamics Land System is offering to the Brazilian Army are infantry and anti-tank support systems equipped with two-man Cockerill turrets armed with 105mm cannon. They represent the most modern and cost-effective equipment on the market: they are in service and also in current production, available for rapid delivery.

The TRL 9 LAV700AG is a state-of-the-art combat system on wheels, designed with combat-proven technology by a company that has extensive experience and legitimate performance in systems integration.

The LAV700AG enables fast and accurate attacks, day or night, with on-the-move firing and engagement of high-altitude targets. The automatic two-man turret loading system, along with the economical 105mm ammunition, ensure low-cost maintenance for this equipment.

This is a vehicle that has undergone extensive verification and performance testing, as well as complete validation of production processes, tools, and test equipment. All this knowledge and experience gained is fully transferable to Brazil.

The LAV700AG is available for commercialization through “Foreign Military Sales” (FMS) or Commercial Sales options

Dimensions (mm)

Height (hull only) ……………………….. 2,417
Height (with turret) …………………… 3.290
Width ..………………………………………. 3,101
Length ………………………………………. 8,428
Crew:……………………………………………….. 3


  • Automatic Ammunition Loading
  • 12 105mm projectiles (plus 12 stored inside the vehicle)
  • 6 shots per minute

Ammunition Types

  • HEP (High-Explosive Plastic Ammunition)
  • HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank Ammunition)
  • KE (Kinetic Energy)
  • HESH (High Explosive Smashing Head)
  • Canister
  • Smoked Ammunition Weapon System
  • 105 mm HP Cockerill Cannon (NATO standard)
  • Commander’s Weapon (.50 Cal)
  • 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun
  • 8 smoke grenades (80 mm Galix)
  • Main gun elevation: -10/+42º
  • Stabilization system with dual-axis, daylight camera, thermal camera and laser rangefinder
    (LRF – Laser Range Finder) for Shooter and Commander
  • Target identification – D 10.000 / R 6.000 / I 3.800 Mobility
  • Maximum speed – 108 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-80 km/h – 21 sec.
  • Ground clearance – 51.3 cm
  • Vertical obstacle – 70.1 cm
  • Trench crossing – 2 m
  • Autonomy – 1.000 km
  • Engine: Caterpillar C13 of 530 kW (710 HP)
  • ABS brakes
  • Steering and vehicle attitude control (HMS)
  • Central Control System for Tire Pressure
    Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
  • Front Pitch: 60% Front Pitch
  • Lateral tilt: 30% Lateral tilt: 30% Lateral tilt: 30% Lateral tilt


  • Gross Weight: 30,618 kg

Protection / Survival

  • Double V-Hull
  • Armored protection against level 4 kinetic
    Level 4 kinetic energy threats
  • EA (Energy attenuating) seats
  • 360? Laser Detection System
  • CBRN detection
  • Self-sealing fuel tanks
  • Spall Liner Armor

C4S – Command, Control, Communication and Computation

  • 360º Day/Night Situational Awareness
  • Tactical navigation with embedded GPS
  • Laser detection system
  • Fast/Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fiber Optic Compatible
  • Video Distribution Network
  • Battle Management System


  • Air Transport Compatible on A400 aircraft
  • Compatible with Rail Transport in accordance with NATO Standards
  • Compatible with Ground Transportation on Flatbed Trucks
  • Self-transportable

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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