Students of the School of Sergeants of Arms conclude Special Instruction trainingStudents of the School of Sergeants of Arms conclude Special Instruction training

Três Corações (MG) – The Special Instruction Section (SIEsp) of the School of Weapons Sergeants (ESA) held, from September 26 to October 7, the second round of special instructions to the students of the Formation and Graduation Courses for Sergeants (CFGS).

The instructions were given by the instructors and monitors, headed by the SIEsp Chief Instructor, Major Roney Canelias Lage, and included the workshops on Static Security Station, Search and Seizure Operations, Roadblockade and Control Posts, Guarani Car, Progression in Urban Environment, and Assault Shooting.

In the Static Security Station instruction, the student learns to execute an occupation and security operation, aiming to prevent the deactivation of an installation, point or structure that, if sabotaged, damaged, paralyzed or destroyed, will vitally compromise the survival of the local population, such as, for example, a water supply station.

In Search and Seizure Operations, the student is instructed on how to investigate a certain location or area, apprehend hostile members, and discover and seize items of illegal use. During the Blockade and Road Control Stations workshop, students perform control and/or blockade of the movement of a population in and out of a given area, restricting the freedom of action of opposing forces.

The Medium Armored Personnel Carrier on Wheels – Guarani is a family of armored military fighting vehicles, whose instruction aims at demonstrating and practicing the techniques and tactics for the use of this vehicle.

In the Urban Environment Progression instructions, the future sergeants train in the techniques of progression, observation and transposition necessary for combat, observing the peculiarities of the operational environment of cities.

In Assault Shooting, the students execute fraction fire, following the concept of selective lethality, characterized by precision and reduced collateral effect.

Once the workshops were over, the students carried out missions using the techniques and tactics they had learned, with maximum combat imitation, fictitiously occupying the city of São Bento Abade, Minas Gerais.

On the morning of October 7, the students held the graduation ceremony at the end of the second phase of the Special Instruction Section, during which the Commandant of the School of Weapons Sergeants, Brigadier General Reinaldo Salgado Beato, highlighted the attitudinal attributes acquired and congratulated the graduates on their demonstrated fiber and ability.

Source: Armed Sergeants School *** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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