Rheinmetall unveils all-new Mission Master CXT platform and launches new Fire Support module at AUSA 2022Rheinmetall unveils all-new Mission Master CXT platform and launches new Fire Support module at AUSA 2022

Rheinmetall is proud to introduce the Rheinmetall Mission Master CXT, the latest member of its successful Mission Master family of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGV), at this year’s AUSA exhibition. On display from October 10 to 12 in Washington D.C., the new Mission Master CXT showcases an innovative Fire Support module: a Rheinmetall Fieldranger Multi weapon station equipped with the twin M134D Minigun from Dillon Aero.

The Mission Master CXT – The latest in A-UGV innovation

Named for its compact volume and mobility in extreme terrain, the Rheinmetall Mission Master
CXT featuring a hybrid drivetrain is capable of silently transporting heavy payloads in challenging

Robust and highly reliable in the field, the Mission Master CXT combines the power of a diesel engine with a silent electric motor, providing a total range of 450 km without refueling (including 50 km on batteries).

Thanks to its compact footprint, the A-UGV can be transported by internal load inside a range of aircraft, including the CH-47, CH-53, and C-130, as well as inside commercial aircraft. It can also be towed using a NATO A-frame and be transported by sea or rail.

Building on the Mission Master XT’s success

Like the larger Mission Master XT, the new Mission Master CXT has advanced amphibious capabilities and is one of the only autonomous platforms on the market that can really navigate waters while transporting its full 1000 kg payload capacity.

A unique continuous tire inflation system (CTIS) adjusts tire pressure on demand, allowing this A-UGV to operate in challenging environments including snow, sand, water, and mountainous terrain. With the same incredible endurance as the Mission Master XT, the Mission Master CXT can keep moving even with one-inch holes in the tires, improving survivability in the field.

The Mission Master CXT – Fire Support: a partnership with Dillon Aero

Rheinmetall is also delighted to present in Washington D.C. a brand-new Fire Support module on the Mission Master CXT. Developed in partnership with Dillon Aero, this weaponized module is equipped with the twin M134D Minigun and can provide rapid suppression of any light targets. According to the human-in-the-loop principle, the decision to open fire rests with a human.

The module serves two primary functions. First, it can serve as a kinetic counterdrone measure. The weaponized system receives target information sent by a radar (on the same vehicle or a different one) and the M134D firing capability neutralizes micro and mini drones (less than 12 kg) at a short distance.

As close fire support for ground forces, the M134D is capable of long periods of continuous fire without the risk of damaging the weapon. This reliability makes this A-UGV an excellent choice for fire suppression and very low-level air defence.

Part of the Mission Master family

Designed to serve multiple mission profiles, the Mission Master CXT is made to integrate highly specialized and complex modules. Its wide scope of applications includes logistic transport, surveillance and reconnaissance, fire support, medical evacuation, and even CBRN detection.

Like all the Mission Master platforms, the Mission Master CXT autonomous capabilities are driven by the Rheinmetall PATH Autonomy kit (A-kit). This platform-agnostic A-kit provides operators with a wide range of advanced controlled modes, such as a smart Rheinmetall tablet enabling safe firing.

The PATH A-kit is also compatible with the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) command and control system. It offers many more teleoperation and autonomous options, including a smartwatch and single-hand controller, to meet the operational objectives of multiple scenarios.

The PATH A-kit is a unique technology that allows, together with the use of the smart tablet, collaborative work between different Mission Master A-UGVs. As a member of this proven family, the new Mission Master CXT can communicate, cooperate, and work with other A-UGVs in a distributed manner. When operated in tandem with other A-UGVs, it becomes part of the Wolf Pack — a ground-breaking force multiplier that allows a single operator to oversee a team of Mission Master vehicles.

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