Urban Operations Training Center trains soldiers from the Airborne BrigadeUrban Operations Training Center trains soldiers from the Airborne Brigade

Battalions of the 12th Light Infantry Brigade carried out tactical technical combat training in urban areas at the Urban Operations Training Center, between November 18th and December 1st. 

In four intense weekly days, the subunits of the Strategic Action Force Ipiranga and Martim Afonso conducted training in combat in confined spaces, underground combat, techniques for progression in urban areas, ostensive patrolling on foot, mechanized and motorized, planning, simulated operations, roadblock and control posts, and combat shooting. At the end of the training, the military carried out exercises in the field, divided into platoons and companies, with the execution of offensive and defensive operations in localities.

In the last two months of this year, the Urban Operations Training Center trained approximately 840 soldiers from mechanized troops, paratroopers and airborne vehicles, with the purpose of helping develop and improve ground military doctrine on the use of small fractions in military operations in urban environments.

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