Cavalry Squadron receives 3 more GUARANI armored personnel carriersCavalry Squadron receives 3 more GUARANI armored personnel carriers

Recife (PE) – On December 6th, the 10th Mechanized Cavalry Squadron (10° Esqd C Mec) received the last three GUARANI armored personnel carriers (APC). Then, on December 7th, a graduation ceremony was held in honor of the arrival of the Guarani. The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the 7th Army Division, Division General Vinicius Ferreira Martinelli, and the Commander of the 10th Motorized Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General André Luiz Aguiar Ribeiro.

The authorities handed over the keys of the respective vehicles to the Combat Group commanders. The “Forte das Cinco Pontas Squadron” was the first military organization in the north and northeast of Brazil to receive the first GUARANI vehicle in 2021.

The APC Guarani can transport up to 11 military personnel in a climate-controlled environment and with adequate ergonomics. It has amphibious capacity and its total gross weight is about 16 tons. It has 6×6 traction and 6-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum speed of 115 km/h. The new vehicles are equipped with the REMAX turret, which makes it possible to shoot with the 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm caliber ammunition machine guns. This is a remotely controlled, stabilized turning gun station.

War Arsenal of São Paulo performs maintenance training of GUARAN 6×6

São Paulo (SP) – From November 28 to December 2, the maintenance internship of the APC (VBTP-MSR) 6×6 Guarani with Prototype Engineering Implements took place, held at the 15th Mechanized Combat Engineering Company (15th Cia E Cmb Mec) which was taught by military personnel from the War Arsenal of São Paulo (AGSP) and was attended by military personnel from the Engineering Material Directorate, Engineering Training Center, 1st Combat Engineering Battalion (School), Central Maintenance and Supply Battalion and 15th Cia E Cmb Mec

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