Regiment participates in additional maintenance effort of Leopard 1A5 BR

Santa Maria (RS) – Between November 28 and December 7, at the facilities of the 4th Logistic Battalion (4th B Log), and under the coordination of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade, an additional effort of corrective maintenance of Leopard 1A5 BR armored combat vehicles (VBC) of the 1st Combat Car Regiment (1st RCC) was carried out.

Leopard 1A5 BR mechanics from the 4th B Log participated in these actions, reinforced by the military personnel that make up the garrisons of the vehicles that were being maintained.


This action aimed to increase the availability of the armored fleet of the “Regiment Vanguardeiro” as well as to change the tubes of its turrets that, after a borescopic evaluation, needed maintenance.

At the end of this activity, 10 VBC Leopard 1 A5 BR became available, as a result of the joint work of the involved military organizations.

Source: 1st Combat Car Regiment

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