On June 2, continuing the Request for Instruction Cooperation (PCI), the Military Organizations (OM) of the Santa Maria Military Garrison, to the Infantry Course of the Officer Training School (EsAO), a demonstration of a Coordinated Attack of an Armored Task Force was held at the Santa Maria Field of Instruction, under the coordination of the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion.

The following organizations participated in the exercise:

  • 1st Combat Car Regiment,
  • 12th Armored Combat Engineering Battalion,
  • 6th Battery of Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery,
  • 6th Mechanized Cavalry Squadron,
  • organic military organizations of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade,
  • and the Santa Maria Air Base.

The instruction was attended by the Commander of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade – Brigade Niederauer – Brigadier General Marcelo Carvalho Ribeiro, and the Commander of the Officer Training School, Brigadier General Eduardo Barbosa da Costa.

Crédito: Sgt Luiz Henrique – Fonte: 6ª Bda Inf Bld

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