The Brazilian Army garrisons of Macapa and Oiapoque receive a reconnaissance delegation from CORE 23

Macapá (AP) – In the period from October 17 to 21, the Commander of the 22nd Infantry Brigade (22nd Bda Inf Sl) “Foz do Amazonas Brigade”, General João Roberto Albim Gobert Damasceno received a visit from Brigadier General Maurício de Souza Bezerra, Commander of the 23rd Jungle Infantry Brigade (23rd Bda Inf Sl) and entourage, in the garrisons of Macapá and Oiapoque, in order to carry out reconnaissance in the context of the CORE 23 (Combined Operations and Rotation Exercises) exercise.

On the occasion, the Brigade Commander, General Gobert, and General Maurício de Souza and their entourage, composed of officers from the Brigade’s General Staff, officers from the Operations Coordination Center of the Northern Military Command, an officer from the 8th Military Region, and commanders of operational and support military organizations from the 22nd and 23rd Jungle Infantry Brigades, went to the Special Border Company in Clevelândia do Norte, where they verified the structure and adequacy project for the operation, in the municipality of Oiapoque-AP.

The Operation will take place in 2023 and will bring together troops from the Brazilian Army and the United States of America (USA) Army for a combined training in the Garrisons of Belém, Macapá, Oiapoque and North Clevelândia District, aiming to maintain the historical ties between the countries and to increase the integration and cooperation between the two armies.

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