Brasilia hosts the National Meeting of Jungle Warriors 2022Brasilia hosts the National Meeting of Jungle Warriors 2022

Brasília (DF) – The National Meeting of Jungle Warriors 2022 was held last Friday, October 21st, in Brasília, at the Recanto dos Granadeiros (Grenadier Corner), hosted by the Presidential Guard Battalion, with the presence of the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, Jungle Warrior 2440, the Army Commander, Army General Marco Antônio Freire Gomes, Army General Eduardo Dias da Costa Villas Bôas, Eternal Army Commander, Jungle Warrior 0799, and other active and veteran General Officers.

Jungle Warriors of yesterday, today, and forever from all over the national territory participated in the event. It is also important to highlight the participation of eight eternal commanders of the Jungle Warfare Instruction Center (CIGS), besides family members and guests. During the event, a video tribute was paid to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Colonel Jorge Teixeira, known as “TEIXEIRÃO”, the first commander of the CIGS, which occurred in 2021.

Source: Army Headquarters Administrative Base

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