Infantry Battalion carries out aeromobile operation exerciseInfantry Battalion carries out aeromobile operation exercise

Palmas (TO) – In order to train the troops of the Plateau Force, the 22nd Infantry Battalion carried out an exercise of Air Mobile Operation, on October 19 and 20. The training simulated the need to carry out the mission of recovering, quickly and unawares, a critical infrastructure in the enemy’s possession, to ensure the progression of troops and the use of the conquered objective in favor of the allied forces.

Aeromobile Operations are carried out by helicopter forces or aeromobile task forces, aiming at the execution of combat operations, combat support and logistic support, for the benefit of a given Land Force element. This type of action is used mainly when the situation requires surprise, flexibility, opportunity, and speed to quickly overcome great distances and obstacles on the ground, as is the case of the Tocantins River.

The aeromobile incursion exercise, called Guará Aéreo, took place in the surroundings of the Tocantinense Aviation Association’s Aerodrome, in Luzimangues, a district of Porto Nacional (TO), about 12 km from Palmas Lake. Operational troops were transported from the 22nd Infantry Battalion to the vicinity of the objective by means of HA-1 Fennec and HM-4 Jaguar aircraft, involving some 300 military personnel, who were successful in achieving and consolidating the proposed objectives.

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