Special Border Platoon seizes 93kg of drugs on the Japurá River (AM)Special Border Platoon seizes 93kg of drugs on the Japurá River (AM)

Tefé (AM) – The 3rd Special Border Platoon seized 93 kg of skunk-type marijuana during a border reconnaissance mission in the channel of the Japurá River. The constant patrol of the border area is part of the Amazon Military Command’s Operation Shield.

The seizure took place last week, causing a loss of around R$1.86 million to the criminal agents.

The 3rd Special Border Platoon is based in Vila Bittencourt (AM) and belongs to the 17th Jungle Infantry Battalion, of the 16th Jungle Infantry Brigade.

Operation Shield

Operation Shield acts against environmental crimes and cross-border illicit activities, such as drug trafficking and arms and ammunition trafficking, in the northern region of Brazil. Through the actions of the Special Border Platoons, the Army is able to monitor and protect important entry and exit points into national territory.

Ágata Fronteira Oeste II: damage to organized crime reaches R$158 million

Campo Grande (MS) – Operation Ágata Fronteira Oeste II is over 100 days of joint action with the Public Security Agencies of the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná. The results in terms of financial losses to organized crime are significant, accounting for around R$157.8 million so far.

In the last week alone, several seizures have been made. In the area of the 13th Motorized Infantry Brigade, specifically in Cáceres (MT), 184 tablets of narcotics, a shotgun and vehicles were seized, accounting for R$3,842,070.

In the 18th Pantanal Infantry Brigade, in Corumbá (MS), the loss to drug trafficking was estimated at R$4 million, with the seizure of around 163 kilos of cocaine on the “dump road”, in the upper part of the municipality, which leads to the border with Bolivia.

In the area of the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade, in Dourados (MS), the results were also significant, with more than R$ 51 million in financial losses to organized crime, with the seizure of 9,736.86 kilos of marijuana, 112.45 kilos of cocaine base paste, 7 weapons, 184,135 packs of cigarettes and R$ 19 million in materials that were the result of smuggling.

In Foz do Iguaçu (PR), soldiers from the 34th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, part of the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, seized 595.50 kilos of marijuana-like substances from a boat heading for a clandestine port on the Brazilian side of Lake Itaipu. In addition to the drugs, a fiber boat and a 90 HP outboard motor were seized, and all the seized materials were sent to the municipality’s Federal Police Station, estimating that the total value of the damage caused to the traffickers exceeds R$650,000.00.

Operation Ágata Fronteira Oeste II is a joint, integrated operation between the Armed Forces and the Federal Police, the Federal Revenue Service, the Federal Highway Police, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, the National Secretariat for Penal Policies, the Secretariats for Public Security, the Civil Police, the Military Police and the Integrated Border and Boundary Management Offices of the three states. The main missions of the Western Operational Command are to intensify actions at Road and Riverblock Posts, Mechanized and Motorized Patrols and Static Security Posts. The work is carried out by the 13th Motorized Infantry Brigade, the 18th Pantanal Infantry Brigade, the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade and the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade with the participation of Federal and State Public Security Agencies, Institutions and Bodies.


It is important to emphasize that this operation is being carried out for the benefit of society and its success depends on everyone’s collaboration, which is why a hotline service has been set up on 0800 358 0007. Calls made to this number are free of charge for citizens and operate uninterruptedly, respecting the anonymity of whistleblowers.

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