"School of Fire" trains artillery cadets in the use of the Astros System"School of Fire" trains artillery cadets in the use of the Astros System

Formosa (GO) – In the last week of September, the Missile and Rocket Artillery Training Center held the Training Fire School with officers, cadets and sergeants. The exercise involved real firing from the Astros System. Firing was carried out with rockets of different calibers and ranges, such as the SS-09 TS, SS-30, SS-60 and SS-80 rockets.

The Firing School is an opportunity for artillery soldiers to put into practice the knowledge and procedures acquired during the courses and internships in the missile and rocket system. The exercise covered techniques for operating an artillery vehicle in a simulated defense operation. A battery of missiles and rockets acted with the mission of destroying the logistical support area of a fictitious enemy country.

Nine cadets from the 4th year of the Artillery Course at the Agulhas Negras Military Academy took part in the exercise. The exercise with the Astros System is fundamental for the training of artillery soldiers and is particularly important for the cadets’ education, providing practice in missile and rocket operations. During the exercise, the cadets improve their knowledge of the artillery system’s capabilities and develop techniques for the coordinated execution of complex military actions, experiences that prepare them for real challenges.

Captain Pires, Head of Teaching Section B, highlighted the importance of the Firing School of Instruction. “The cadet has the opportunity to come into contact with one of the most powerful fire systems in the world, the Astros System. This internship develops attributes such as technical and professional knowledge, leadership, planning and coordination skills, as well as the responsibility inherent in using these systems. This certainly strengthens our preparation as military leaders.”

The cadets spent four weeks at the Missile and Rocket Artillery Training Center, where they dedicated themselves to the theoretical and practical study of advanced artillery systems. The training included studies on ammunition, fire direction, communications, operation of Astros vehicles, tactical use and logistics. At the end, all the study was consolidated with the execution of real shots at the Firing School of Instruction.

Astros Strategic Program

The Astros Strategic Program aims to equip the Ground Force with a system of high-tech missiles and rockets, launched from the platforms of the ASTROS System vehicles, capable of hitting targets between 10 and 300 km. Through the program, the Brazilian Army is investing in long-range, highly accurate and lethal fire support capabilities.Source: Missile and Rocket Artillery Training Center


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