Future sergeants of the Brazilian army take part in Special Operations InternshipFuture sergeants of the Brazilian army take part in Special Operations Internship

Três Corações (MG) – Students at the Escola de Sargentos das Armas (Weapons Sergeants School) are taking part in the Operations Against Irregular Forces Internship, which prepares future sergeants to command small units in the context of special operations. The Internship takes place over eleven days, between September 27 and October 7.

During the instruction, 496 students from the Sergeants’ Training and Graduation Course took part in various workshops, practical instruction and patrols, with the aim of developing operational techniques and attitudinal content that is fundamental for the leader of small units. The training involves strenuous situations, typical of combat, which require soldiers to exercise leadership, cooperation, persistence and command action.

The Internship is divided into four phases: preliminary leveling instruction; division of instruction groups; deployment to the city of São Bento Abade to face irregular forces; and combat patrols in rural areas. In May this year, the Basic Special Instructions Internship took place.

Student A Monteiro, from the Cavalry Course, spoke about the importance of the activity. “The Internship in Operations Against Irregular Forces was very valuable for my training, since, in addition to working alongside my peers from other arms, I gradually learned through workshops with specialized military personnel, such as Commandos, Special Forces and Paratrooper Precursors. As I’m thinking of becoming an instructor, this experience has taught me how to treat students and the best way to disseminate knowledge to my subordinates.”

The internship included the collaboration and experience of troops from the 1st Special Forces Battalion, the Paratrooper Precursor Company, the 28th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, the Urban Operations Training Center, the Armored Training Center, the 14th Field Artillery Group and the 1st Army Aviation Battalion.

Civic and Social Action

As is traditional in Army military exercises, a social initiative was carried out to assist approximately 50 people from the local community with medical and dental care, as well as lectures to around 120 children and teenagers in schools in the municipality of São Bento Abade, thus promoting integration with society.

Source: ESA/EB


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