São Paulo War Arsenal presents its industrial capacity to general officersSão Paulo War Arsenal presents its industrial capacity to general officers

Barueri (SP) – On November 17, the São Paulo War Arsenal (AGSP), a unit subordinated to the Manufacturing Directorate (DF), was visited by the following authorities: the Army Chief of Staff, Army General Valério Stumpf Trindade; the Chief of the Science and Technology Department, Army General Guido Amin Naves, the Chief of SISDIA, Army General R/1 Francisco Carlos Modesto and also the Manufacturing Director, Division General Tales Eduardo Areco Villela.

The visit had the purpose of presenting AGSP’s industrial capacity and the activities developed by this military organization (OM), as well as the maintenance services performed. The Director of this War Arsenal, Colonel Eliézer Mello de Souza, presented in an exhibition the materials of military use developed by this War Arsenal, to the visitors. Sections and workshops that make up this large military manufacturing and maintenance unit were also visited, such as: Armor Line, Surface Treatment and Heavy Armament.

Afterwards, General Stumpf gave a lecture in the AGSP auditorium, for all officers, lieutenants and sergeants of the OM. At the end of the visit, Colonel Eliézer handed out the magazine and the Arsenal’s 65th anniversary coin to the visiting authorities.

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