Salute to the new Officer Aspirants / 2022Salute to the new Officer Aspirants / 2022

Young Aspirants of the Bicentennial Class of the Independence of Brazil!

Two hundred years ago, the Prince of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarve, accompanied by his Royal Guard of Honor, broke the ties with the former metropolis and proclaimed the Independence of Brazil.

Emperor Pedro I, only 24 years old, led the Army not only to face the great challenge of liberation, but also to consolidate national autonomy and unity.

In these two hundred years, the Land Force has been decisive in the face of internal and external threats, in the territorial occupation and in the establishment and maintenance of borders. In these opportunities, the wisdom and leadership of icons of our history have revealed themselves, such as the undefeated Duke of Caxias, Patron of the Brazilian Army.

Aspirants, you had the privilege of experiencing the iconic civic celebration that marked the bicentennial of our freedom. In this context, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that this year we celebrate the formation of 400 men and women aspiring officers at the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, of which 390 are Brazilians and 10 are young men from friendly nations.

During the 5 years of your training in the barracks, you have experienced the value of friendship to overcome the natural difficulties of the demanding academic routine. Grounded in the values, ethics and traditions of the Army, you have forged and developed the skills and the spirit of the corps that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives. You have experienced everything that your subordinates face every day in our barracks. Forged in the light of the motto “You will command, learn to obey”, the time has come for you to command and lead, by example, the subordinates of your fractions.

Their merits and individual qualities, highlighted by the intense intellectual and physical demands, have led them to full success in the face of the challenges posed by the Officer Training Course in the Line of Military Warfare. The precious teachings that come from the fulfillment of arduous missions in teams and the cult of healthy camaraderie have forged the military character of each one of you.

Soon, you will arrive at your first military organizations spread throughout all corners of our beloved Brazil, taking the first steps not only in a career, but also in a true “profession of faith,” always inspired by inalienable values and traditions, and having hierarchy and discipline as unshakable pillars. You will have the important mission of contributing, with competence, effort, and dedication, to the fulfillment of the Army’s constitutional duties, ratifying the professionalism and the leadership example of those who, for more than two hundred years, have worked to maintain the integrity of our homeland, inherited from our predecessors.

New officer aspirants, the Homeland places immeasurable hope in you. Be proud to bear the officer’s sword, symbol of authority, leadership, commitment, and the virtues that you must cultivate and inspire in your men.

Be the true soul of the Land Force, as the “Strong Arm” in favor of the Brazilian nation and the “Friendly Hand” extended to our people at all times.

When you receive the sword and make the officer’s commitment, you will seal your future with the Force in the most noble mission: to defend the Homeland!

On behalf of all the members of the Army of Caxias, I also extend a special greeting to your families, teachers, instructors, monitors, and civil servants, who have spared no efforts to support you daily on the arduous and challenging journey you are now concluding.

Aspirants of the Bicentennial Class of the Independence of Brazil, keep the faith in the mission, mirroring the undefeated Caxias, and continue firm and united in the path of duty so that the Brazilian Army remains in a permanent state of readiness to guarantee our sovereignty.

Finally, I wish that the Lord of Hosts bless and illuminate your careers, and that you may dignify your lives with the dedication required of the brave who give everything for the Homeland, “without demanding anything in return, not even understanding.

“May honor, that very special gift that man gives himself, accompany you on your new journeys!”


ESAO holds the graduation ceremony of the 2022 Officers Improvement Course

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – On November 23rd, ending the 2022 academic year activities, the Officer Training School (EsAO) held the graduation ceremony for the graduating officers of the Officer Training Course (CAO/22).

In all, it took almost 22 months of abdication, commitment, professionalism, and intense dedication to the “study of tactics.

Throughout this year, these young officers were introduced to active learning methodologies, were stimulated to debate and research, took strenuous tests, and were evaluated in many different ways, all with the purpose of consolidating the concepts, values, and attitudes necessary for the development of the functional activity of the now Brazilian Army’s Improved Captains.

Thus, the Army Commander, Army General Marco Antônio Freire Gomes, accompanied by Army General Flavio Marcus Lancia Barbosa, and by other general officers from the Army’s System of Education and Culture, “delivered” another graduating class that, starting today, will return to the most diverse corners of the country, perfected and ready to carry out their new missions.

In all, 445 officers graduated, 419 of them from the Brazilian Army, five Marines from the Brazilian Navy, and, further strengthening the traditional bonds of friendship and cooperation, 21 Officers from Friendly Nations, representing the following countries in the Captain’s House: Argentina, Ecuador, Guyana, Indonesia, Namibia, Paraguay, Senegal, Suriname, and Uruguay.

The SAO wishes that today marks the beginning of a new phase in the military careers of these Captains and that the lessons learned, the bonds of healthy camaraderie, and the professionalism developed during this year be the foundation for the continuity of their careers!

Congratulations! Mission Accomplished!

EsAO: the School of Tactics – the Captain’s House!


The following General Officers have brightened with their presence, among other authorities:

  • of today’s ACE:
  • Gen Ex ARRUDA
  • Gen Ex TOMÁS
  • Gen Ex NEGRAES
  • Gen Ex NOVAES
  • Gen Ex LANCIA.
  • of the ACE as usual
  • Gen Ex LESSA
  • Gen Ex TIBAU (Eternal Commander of the EsAO)
  • Gen Ex ARAKEN.

Source: Officer Training School *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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