No dia 15 de junho, a Força-Tarefa Biguá (Afonsos) realizou o salto em massa d’água na Zona de Lançamento Japurá, na região da Amazônia, durante a Operação Bumerangue Selva.

On June 15, the Biguá (Afonsos) Task Force performed a water mass jump in the Japurá Launching Zone, in the Amazon region, during Operation Jungle Boomerang.

The Biguá Task Force is composed of soldiers from several units of the Parachute Infantry Brigade, which has the 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion as its “backbone”, responsible for the selection and training in the year 2022. During the training period, the members of the Biguá Task Force were trained with specific instructions, aiming at the use in jungle operations.

Operation Jungle Boomerang was divided into two phases. In the first phase, the military took part in the Jungle Adaptation Stage, conducted by the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion (Aeromobile). In the second phase, the military took part in Operation Amazon in the borderland strip at Cabeça do Cachorro.

The water jump is an indispensable operational capability for the Parachute Infantry Brigade to fulfill its missions anywhere in the Brazilian Amazon. The training enables the paratroopers to launch in any water zone (rivers and lakes), guaranteeing national sovereignty in the most distant corners of the national territory.

Source: 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion

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