Parachute Battalion supports the Brazilian Air Force in Operation TiniaParachute Battalion supports the Brazilian Air Force in Operation Tinia

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The Folding, Parachute Maintenance and Airborne Supply Battalion participated in Operation Tinia, in support of the Brazilian Air Force, in the region of Santa Maria (RS) between November 7th and 25th.

The purpose of the Operation was to support the training of the crews of the FAB Transport Squadrons, with a focus on the Aerial Launching of Supplies. In the scope of Operation Tinian, during the week of November 14-18, the Battalion also supported the activities related to Operation Pampa, of the 26th Parachute Infantry Battalion.

On that occasion, several aerial supply launches were carried out, with emphasis on the preparation and launching of general loads of rations and water, providing the Paratrooper Infantry Brigade with critical capabilities necessary for the fulfillment of its mission.

Source: Airborne Folding, Parachute Maintenance and Supply Battalion

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