Largest war training promoted by FAB ends in Campo Grande (MS)

The agreement will supply equipment to the helicopters that integrate the Navy and FAB fleets

Source: PAMA-SP, by Lieutenant Tatiana Quadros – Air Force Agency, by Asp Gabrielle Varela and Captain Alcoforado

On March 17, at the Parque de Material Aeronáutico de São Paulo (PAMA-SP), the logistical support contract was signed for the Makila 2A1 and APU SAPHIR 20 engines, which equip the H225M helicopters of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

The agreement was signed between Safran Helicopter Engines, represented by its General Director, François Haas, and the Ministry of Defense, through the Air Force Command (COMAER), represented by the Acting Director of PAMA-SP, Aviator Colonel Marcelo Rodrigues dos Reis Pontes.

The contract not only results from the strategic partnership between Brazil and France, but also reveals its logistical importance for ensuring the airworthiness of the equipment supplied by SAFRAN to the H-XBR Project. In this way, the helicopters are served and covered by logistical and maintenance services such as the acquisition of materials, contracting of technical assistance, supply of supplies and specific services, paid for according to the number of hours flown or even cycles consumed. With this, the Armed Forces gain in high level of availability of their aircraft, greater combat capacity and maintenance of the operationality of their strategic means.

Director Haas, on the occasion of the contract signing, spoke about the relevance of the partnership: “I have been waiting for this moment for many years; I was present at the signing of the first logistics contract signed between the parties in 2008, and now I made sure to sign another contract 15 days before my retirement,” said the French director.

Also witnessed this moment the contract manager of SAFRAN, Giuliano Cabral, Director of PAMA-SP, Colonel Rodrigues, and the Head of the Office of Logistics Management (EGLOG), Lieutenant Colonel Renato Pereira Vieira.

At the end of the meeting, Colonel Rodrigues closed the meeting thanking the loyalty and the way SAFRAN has been committed to the work provided throughout all these years of partnership.

Photos: Private M. Lima / PAMA-SP

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