UNIFA holds the opening of the Post-Graduate Program in Aerospace SciencesUNIFA holds the opening of the Post-Graduate Program in Aerospace Sciences

Certification has as area of concentration “Aerospace Power and Contemporary Political and Strategic Thinking

Air Force Agency, UNIFA, by Lt Pollyana and Asp Monica Lopes – Review: Captain Alcoforado

The students of the Aerospace Sciences Post-Graduation Program (PPGCA) Class of 2023 participated, on March 20th, in the Opening Class of the Doctoral and Professional Masters Courses at the University of the Air Force Campus (UNIFA), located in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

The event took place in person and was attended by the Commander and Rector of UNIFA, Air Major Brigadier José Virgílio Guedes de Avellar, and the Pro-Rector of Administration, Aviator Colonel Helmer Barbosa Gilberto, in addition to the coordinators and representatives of the Graduate Programs of the Academic Secretariat and the University’s faculty and student bodies.

The class brought together the 37 new students, 14 in the PhD and 23 in the Master of Aerospace Sciences. Major Brigadier Avellar stated that: “The research that will be developed in the Postgraduate courses taught at UNIFA are, without a doubt, of great relevance and are aligned with the yearnings of the Aeronautics Command.” In this sense, the Commander also emphasized the importance of data, information, knowledge and intelligence as indispensable elements in the decision-making process, both professionally and academically.

The PPGCA, since its recognition in 2012 by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) of the Ministry of Education (MEC), has graduated 109 masters. The program’s area of concentration is “Aerospace Power and Contemporary Political and Strategic Thinking”, which aims to develop studies in Political Science and International Relations, indispensable to the interpretation and understanding of internal and external factors capable of influencing the preparation and employment of Brazilian Aerospace Power.

Photos: Lieutenant Pollyana / UNIFA

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