SAAB to maintain IDAS system for military helicopters

An agreement between Airbus Helicopters and SAAB Grintek Defence has generated new business for SAAB in Brazil. 

The company’s sensor laboratory, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), will be responsible for maintenance, repair and operations of the IDAS (Integrated Defence Aid Suite) of military helicopters manufactured in the country by Helibras, a subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters. 

IDAS is an electronic warfare self-protection system produced by SAAB that integrates sensors capable of alerting the aircraft crew of threats and automatically triggering defensive countermeasures such as Chaff & Flare launchers. The system is installed by Helibras in military aircraft that operate in the Brazilian Navy, Brazilian Army and Brazilian Air Force. Under the agreement, the sensors will be maintained by the manufacturer in Brazil.  

This is the first major project of SAAB’s new laboratory of sensors and services, built for the maintenance of AESA radars and electronic warfare systems of the Gripen fighters in Brazil. For Gustavo Alves, operations manager of the Sensors and Services unit, the new business is a direct outgrowth of the Brazilian Gripen Program and all the knowledge acquired through an extensive technology transfer process.

“The maintenance contract consolidates our commitment to preserve high-level skills and talent in Brazil. In addition to maintaining the radars of the aircraft we manufacture, our laboratory has full capacity for other projects, supporting SAAB radar and electronic warfare system operators in Brazil and Latin America,” said Alves. 

“We are proud of this business move because it will ensure that SAAB enhances its support offering to our end user. Our customers’ satisfaction remains a vital part of our strategic intent,” says Dr. Nivan Moodley, vice president, head of strategy and business development, Saab Grintek Defence. 

The agreement was signed globally strengthening SAAB Brazil’s position as a support facility for self-protection and electronic warfare equipment.

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