Operational readiness demonstrates Mountain Task Force capabilitiesOperational readiness demonstrates Mountain Task Force capabilities

On July 13, the Eastern Military Commander, Army General André Luís Novaes Miranda, attended a demonstration of the Operational Readiness of the 11th Mountain Task Force. The Task Force is a grouping of forces of variable composition, organized and prepared according to the decision factors and the situation presented.

It is the synthesis of the capabilities of the 4th Mountain Light Infantry Brigade, organized according to the FAMES principles (Flexibility, Adaptability, Modularity, Elasticity, and Sustainability).

The Mountain Brigade can employ its troops in a flexible and modular manner, forming one or more Mountain Task Forces in its own area of action or in support of another large unit that requires specialized troops to reconnoiter, guide and equip routes in a mountain operational environment, on occasions that demand the use of specialized equipment, techniques, tactics and procedures peculiar to military mountaineering.

According to the mission, the Mountain Task Force can be added to other capabilities, such as Electronic Warfare, Army Aviation and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense, in order to maximize its combat power for tasks that do not require the employment of a large unit.

The Mountain Task Force is concentrated in Juiz de Fora, in a marching order situation, within 24 hours after its activation, and can move by road to Rio de Janeiro or any other region of the Eastern Military Command.

The 11th Mountain Task Force is composed of organic troops from the Mountain Brigade and by other non-organic troops, such as the 4th Combat Engineering Battalion and the 4th Anti-aircraft Artillery Group.

General Novaes visited the fractions and closely checked the individual and collective preparation and readiness of the troops, accompanied by the 1st Army Division Commander, Division General Kleber Nunes de Vasconcellos, and by the 4th Mountain Light Infantry Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Julio Cesar Belaguarda Nagy de Oliveira.

Source: 4th Mountain Light Infantry Brigade *** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

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